About Us

SoftTown is a Rural IT Park situated in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh on the National Highway Connecting Chennai and Bangalore. The Campus is 2.5 hours drive from Chennai and Bangalore. About 2000 IT graduates come out of school every year from colleges situated within 25 KM from this Campus.

Excellent Option for large IT Companies to set up their back end operations and support centres at much cheaper infra and man power costs. SoftTown, being in the new state of Andhra Pradesh will also be eligible for Rs. 1 lakh of incentive for every Job created and eligible for central Rural BPO scheme of Central Government.

The Campus has good internet connectivity from multiple service providers, 100% generator backup power, clean water supply.

Existing Companies in SoftTown Campus

Presently the Campus is occupied by 3 Companies and providing about 150 member employment in the Campus.

StringInfo Systems

A KPO specialized in processing US based home mortgage claims

Asistmi Solutions

Software development Company specializing in developing and marketing some innovative products


A Software Development Company Specializing in Developing HR management software for UK companies

SoftTown Vision Statement

SoftTown is developed and managed by a NRI – Praveen Nallapothula whose vision is:
a.To generate high paid IT employment in rural towns of India to create an economy balance between rural and urban areas of India
b.To ensure farmers sons remain close to their farm lands and still work on IT, while helping their parents in their farming activites to keep farming active and ensure India is still no. 1 in farming.
c.Stop migration of people from Rural areas to Urban Areas to balance the density of population and Pollution.